Open Source IT Infrastructure

While most people think open source is about finding a cheaper solution, the real benefit of open source is flexibility - Linux based infrastructure offers a level of flexibility that is unavailable with alternative environments. While Linux based solutions sometimes have difficulty replacing software that has been designed to lock customers into a particular vendor, it is more frequently the case that other platforms are unable to implement functionality that is trivial with a Linux based system.

With experience deploying Linux based infrastructure, Kawseq is able to provide consulting services to organisations who are taking their first steps in this direction., and even if Linux based solutions do not provide quite what is required, Kawseq can provide development services to alter existing open source software packages to better suit the needs of the client.

For more detailed information on open source consulting available from Kawseq, click here.

Software Development and Customisation

Kawseq provides services to develop custom software on a variety of platforms and to customise software (including open source software packages) to your own needs. For more detailed information on software development and customisation services from Kawseq, click here.