Seqretary is a Personal Information Management Suite for handheld devices with the following design goals:

  1. Fast startup time;
  2. Low battery usage;
  3. Responsive even with large numbers of entries in the database; and
  4. High reliability.

When complete, Seqretary will provide the following broad functionality:

  1. Calendaring, scheduling and alarms (available since version 0.90.2);
  2. Voice recording suitable for making notes and taking dictation (available since version 0.91.3);
  3. Contact management;
  4. Task management with workflow; and
  5. Synchronisation with other applications and servers.

Seqretary is being designed with professional use in mind (such as by lawyers and accountants).


Nokia Internet Tablets - Maemo 4.1 (Diablo)(Whole suite)install
Nokia N9 - Meego 1.2 (Harmattan)Seqretary Calendar (withdrawn)
Seqretary Recorder(withdrawn)



  • Released 22 April 2012
  • Repackaged to work around limitations in the Nokia OVI store.


  • Released 6 April 2012
  • Fixes a bug in recurring events on the last instance of a weekday in a month (eg., last Friday of every month), or 2nd last, 3rd last, 4th last.
  • First released version for Meego Harmattan on the Nokia N9 (awaiting Nokia approval)


  • Released 9 November 2010
  • Fixes a memory freeing error that could lead to rare segmentation violations
  • Fixes a bug that caused the first alarm for an event to be changed to be at the same time as the event every time the event was edited (only affected the Maemo version).

This is the last version of Seqretary that is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


  • Released 22 February 2010
  • Fixes a memory allocation error that could lead to segmentation violations


  • Released 19 January 2010
  • Fixes a bug that prevented editing the first event created.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause the alarm server and the home applet to see old data in the events database.


  • Released 17 November 2009
  • Fixes a bug in the 1 day view that was introduced by 0.92.8.


  • Released 15 November 2009
  • Improves time zone handling for regions that have changed their time zone.
  • Adds a new zoom level (zoom in from the day view) showing all events in the day using as much space as is needed to show the full event description.


  • Released 25 October 2009
  • Adds a configuration file for osso-backup
  • Prevents the escape key from closing dialogs that require a response.
  • Adds a "stop alarm" button to the alarm dialog so the alarm can be stopped before setting snooze times.
  • Increase the size of the "Snooze" and "Dismiss" buttons, and make them images so they are easier to hit.


  • Released 26 July 2009
  • Adds an icon to the bottom right corner of the desktop applet - this makes it easier to see where to drag to resize it
  • Dragging the date bar left or right now pops up a menu to select the target date
  • Numeric edit fields are now Hildon number editors on Maemo rather than spin boxes (which can be hard to hit in the right place even with the stylus)


  • Released 13 July 2009
  • Adds a Hildon desktop applet to display upcoming events on the desktop
  • Adds an option to use the OSSO media server to play sounds. When sounds are played through the OSSO media server:
    1. The sound will loop for up to a minute until dismissed;
    2. The sound will start playing at 50% volume and increase in volume over the first 10 seconds; and
    3. The sound will play through the speakers even if the headset is plugged in.
  • Adds support for more audio formats (whether you use the OSSO media player or not)
  • Now forces the volume to 100% when playing alarm sounds (optionally even if the sound is muted)
  • Adds support for using the LED for alarm notification
  • Adds the event location to the list of things shown for alarms
  • Adds options to set the default start of day and the number of hours in the single day and 5 day views
  • Adds an option to change the first day of the week


  • Released 22 June 2009
  • Added a microphone sensitivity setting to Seqretary Recorder.


  • Released 21 June 2009
  • Added the Seqretary Recorder. The difference between this and other open source applications for recording microphone input is that Seqretary Recorder can be paused mid-stream, rewound, played, recorded over and added to. This makes it viable to use for dictation and other applications where there is a need to "edit" the recording on the fly.
  • Added an option to display events in the monthly view in the Seqretary calendar
  • Added a facility to set exception dates and exception ranges for recurring events in the Seqretary Calendar.
  • Added a capability to edit (or delete) an individual event within a series or recurring event, or to edit (or delete) all occurrences of an event from a particular occurrence onwards.


  • Released 24 May 2009
  • This initial release of Seqretary contained the Seqretary calendar and its alarm server.